Local Affordable Housing

We need affordable housing so seniors, veterans, teachers, firefighters, and other essential workers can afford to stay and work in San Francisco.
Last month, the average San Francisco one-bedroom cost $3,750 to rent!
根據上個月的統計,三藩市單睡房寓所的平均市值月租是 $3,750 !
Source: Zumper.com

What Prop A Will Do
To Help Solve Our Housing Crisis
(without raising our taxes!)
“A” 提案將可以採取什麼的措施為我們解決住屋危機?(在無需加稅的情況下!)

San Francisco has an affordability crisis. We need to invest now in new affordable housing units to support our most vulnerable residents and communities — without raising taxes.
三藩市正面臨一個房屋可負擔危機    我們必須此刻着手投資興建新的可負擔房屋單位去援助三藩市最弱勢的社群- 而無需增加市民稅務負擔

Vote Yes on A!
請投票贊成 “A”  提案!

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